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Warm Water Exercise Program

Exercise Program:warm water exercise website

For all exercises use the water to resist or assist as appropriate

Warm up (chest depth)       (x6 each)

Walking across pool: forwards; backwards; side stepping; walking on toes; on heels; jogging forwards and backwards through water (NOT first session)

Standing at side of pool (chest depth)       (2x 10 each)

Toe stands
Mini squats
Side leg raise (keeping toes pointing towards wall of pool)
Leg extension (keep leg straight take it out behind you, keeping body straight)
Bend hip and knee up in front (not more than 70 for hip replacement)
Keep thigh straight next to other leg and bend knee (heel towards buttock)
Place noodle under foot then bend knee and hip half way up and push down straight

Noodle or in corner of pool      (2x 10 each)

Take legs apart, then together, keeping knees straight
Scissors (legs forwards and backwards with knees locked straight)
Circles with straight legs in opposite directions (like egg beaters) – then change direction
Cycling legs forwards and backwards (like riding a bike)
Straight leg kicking

Swimming with a Kickboard

Straight leg kicking using kickboard +/- flippers on front and on back

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