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Our Fees

Professional Fees

Initial Physiotherapy Consultation (45min/1hr): $100.00
Standard Physiotherapy Consultation (30-40min): $87.00
Extended Consultation (1hr treatment or 2 treatment body areas): $135

Private Patients are will be sent an invoice after their treatment, which can then be paid via credit card, cheque or internet banking. HICAPS (private health insurance) facilities aren’t available due to restrictions on mobile processing of health fund transactions meaning the full amount has to be paid first, then to claim back the rebate from the private health insurance provider.

A doctor’s referral is not necessary, however, if you are referred by your doctor we communicate with them at the completion of your treatment or during treatment if necessary.

Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plan: Initial: $100.00 and Std: $87.00
  • must have a current referral from their GP. Patients are required to pay in full, then claim back through medicare. The Medicare rebate is $52.00
Department of Verteran's Affairs: Bulk Bill
  • we are an approved Department of Vetran Affairs provider but a current doctors referral is necessary prior to the commencement of treatments
Workers Compensation: Bulk Bill
  • able to have their account billed to their insurer, provided you have a claimable injury and that all details and certificates are forthcoming

We always try to see you as close to your appointment time as possible, but our little red cars are totally dependent on traffic and weather. If we do get held up we will always ring you and let you know. As we need to cluster treatments when we are in a certain area as much as possible for obvious reasons, we may have to reschedule your treatment time if it is convenient for you. Jess, who runs our office, will ring you and ensure we don't inconvenience you.


Due to the high demand for appointments we ask that you make every effort to contact the office 24 hrs in advance if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment. A cancellation fee of $40.00 will be charged to your account if you do not give us 24 hrs notice.

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