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1. Are the costs covered by my Private Health fund?

Yes, providing that you have extras cover. A percentage of the costs (varies with each of the health funds) will be refundable from the treatment charges

2. Are DVA clients eligible for treatment?

Yes, DVA clients are fully covered for treatment but require a referral from your local Dr or GP

3. How long will the treatment take?

Initial Treatment time usually takes 45 minutes – 1 hour with follow up visits being approximately 30 minutes depending on your condition.

4. How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

We will make every effort to see you as soon as needed, preferably on the same day. We are available Mon to Fri 7am to 5pm.

5. Do I need a doctors referral to be seen?

Private patients - no
Veterans Affairs, Work Cover or Third Party Insurance - Yes, a referral is required from your GP or Specialist prior to commencing treatment

6. How do I make an appointment?

Please call the office on 55262556 or email the office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

7. Will I see the same physio each time?

yes, unless you want a change or the physiotherapist is sick or on leave

8. Can I be treated by Physio@Home if I have a Medicare EPC referral?

People with a Medicare EPC referral from their GP can also be treated by Physio@home – our regular fees apply and Medicare will refund $52.00 per treatment.

8. What to expect from a home visit?

Please try and ensure your time with us is uninterrupted - it is important we can concentrate on you. It is ideal if you have room where you will have privacy and be comfortable. It is also helpful if you can have any recent medical records, medication lists, x-rays, MRI's that you have available for us so we can get a comprehensive understanding of your needs. Comfortable clothing is also ideal.

9. what suburbs / regions to we treat?

All areas of the gold coast & northern part of NSW including tweed heads & Banora point

10. how do I pay?

An invoice will be send via email or in the post on the days following your appointment. You can then pay the invoice within 14 days via credit card (over the phone), internet banking or sending a cheque to the PO Box 479 Ashmore City, 4214

11. how can physio@home help?

Physiotherapy or also known as physical therapy can be very beneficial in treating & preventing the re-occurrence of a number of medical problems & conditions. Physio@home is dedicated to offering a high quality service in the convenience of your own home. We provide patients with a variety of treatment options including;

  • soft tissue massage
  • joint mobilisations
  • strengthening programs
  • balance retraining
  • gait training
  • postural training & assessment

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